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Glad to see this is finally happening, though I admit I am still disappointed that the trail could not be routed through BARC along the stream corridor. Would have been more direct and also a more interesting route. Looks like the section on Sellman will have to cross a bunch of driveways near Woodbine Rd - I see 6 houses in a row, each with a separate driveway intersecting with Sellman. Any word on what material will be used instead of asphalt for the two sections indicated, and for what reason? I can't find a Buck Lodge Rd in the vicinity of this trail. There is a road with that name nearby, off Riggs, but it does not seem to intersect the trail route.

Where the trail isn't asphalt it will be a concrete sidewalk. Buck's Lodge Road is what they're calling the driveway to Cherry Hill Manor.

I like it!

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