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This whole fortressing of our country is so sad.

I wanted to see an historical building there but felt like even glancing as I went by was a crime.

Of course, we have to give our FSO's a break as they deal with bad morale and a leader who is anything but diplomatic.

And thank you for your service FSOs!

I think a compromise worth doing would be to pull the perimeter fence in by 15 feet and build a trail along the outside of it. Including the underpass in the area "outside" might prove difficult, but a perimeter trail (and I think that should be standard at most secure facilities) would do a lot to improve active transportation here.

I wonder if the proposed State Department budget cuts might come into play here?

It would certainly seem that providing child care for career State Department employees who are not on board with the Trump agenda would be a nice target. It has all the elements for doing bad things to both kids and leakers.

No child care for those on board with the Trump agenda?

What will there be a loyalty test?

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