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I wonder if these authors ever call the Project Manager at DDOT to get real-time information?

It's pretty simple to pick up the phone and get the facts.

"may be"
"I think"
"I have no idea"

Nope. Pretty much never. If you're looking for professional journalism, you've made a wrong turn. But, I encourage anyone who wants more information about a project to do so.

I'm usually doing my writing from 11 to 1am and most DDOT managers aren't interested in being called then. And I'm not interested in putting more effort in and getting less sleep. I put the amount of time into each post that I have to put into them, and then I'm done.

I try to strike the right balance between quantity and quality. I could write deeper dive posts, but then there would be fewer of them.

This is the same reason that I almost never edit my posts. I could spend time correcting the glaring and frequent typos, but then you'd get fewer posts.

So no, I don't call them to ask. GreaterGreaterWashington often does, so you should check that blog out. This is why I qualify my statements with maybe, I think etc... so that readers know about my confidence in statements and can discount accordingly.

But to reiterate, I never call them. If you'd like to be my unpaid research assistant then I (or you) can start calling them. Are you interested?

washcycle, you are awesome, and I for one, very much appreciate these posts!

On another note, I hope that DDOT comes up with something better than these. Pretty much nothing from a bicycle perspective despite GOBS of street space. All the options are quite bad for pedestrians as well. Maybe they should consider removing a leg or two from the intersection. Every street does not need to connect straight through.

When DDOT's website says that a decision will be made *last summer,* criticizing the messenger for not knowing what DDOT is doing is a bit puzzling. Seems DDOT could do a better job of communicating its own information.

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