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Don't forget riders that usually don't ride. Being on your bike gives you special privileges to break every law you can think of. Traffic lights are just recommendations and stops signs are figments of your imagination. And pedestrians in the crosswalks can suck it when you are speeding through. Oh bonus points for only riding on the busy sidewalks in the CBD at 15 mph.

Happy bike to work day! Break the law early and often! It's your privilege you are on a bike.

Trolls don't actually consume food. They subsist on others' annoyance, a kind of caloric schadenfreude. Don't feed them and they will wither up and die. (Eventually. Richard is quite hardy for a troll.)

I personally shot two bald eagles, perjured myself, committed bigamy and bootlegged Coors beer across the Mississippi, and that was just on the way to the coffee shop.

DC has the loosest rules in the country on distributing out of state beer. Still behind Idaho on sensible bike legislation.

There's also a good chance I may have committed some light treason.

@washcycle those are also part of your rights as a biker too so I am glad you took advantage. Its great being on two wheels since laws and common sense need no longer apply in any way shape or form.

Nice picture of a bunch of scofflaw day trippers coming together to ride 3 abreast without helmets and not a single piece of hiviz clothing. They need to slow down, get a license to ride, and stick to the long and winding off-road paths.

Anyone see any coverage on the news? I didn't see anything this morning before I left for Freedom Plaza,and didn't see anything again around lunch. We had like 20k people sign up this year,you'd think that would at least rate a soundbite.

What is it about those bikes in the picture that make them all look so awkward? It's like the seats are too high and their legs are too long at the same time.

On a serious note, WABA did it again: scheduled BTWD on a day when DCPS was closed for parent-teacher conferences. For parents, those days are hell. You have to find someone to watch your kids, plus you have to get up to school for the conference. Unless you have a great child-care situation you're probably taking the day off. Attending BTWD festivities is the last thing on your mind.

dynarider, I did hear a story on WAMU this morning.

Contrarian, yes, we had the same problem, though I made it to the pit stop at Eastern Market for a few minutes.

Nice set of Raleighs ya got.

Idaho shmidaho.

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