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That's one powerful piece of writing.

Driving drunk: Bishop who killed cyclist is denied parole



Just read the full article. I agree with you comment. Too bad it had to be written. Probably not the last one like this to be written. So far Cook is staying where she belongs.

Much work to be done to educate the masses that this was a violent crime.

I remember this occurred not too long before I started a cross country bike tour, self supported on our tandem (started two years ago tomorrow). Drivers such as Cook were always in the back of our mind. My personal observation is that, in general, the drivers closer to the suburban and urban areas were the most concerning. We took many precautions, but it is still a calculated risk and you are lucky to not encounter a Ms. Cook.

To hell with her. I read at the parole hearing she made no attempt to apologize or accept responsibility. Calling it an ironic tragedy.

I'm uncertain if prison is the best solution for offenses like this. Does prison discourage other would be offenders? What if her punishment was a loss of drivers license and a enormous number of hours of community service contributing to safer streets?

She needs to be punished, but I'd rather the punishment focus on improving the situation. Idk. Thoughts?

Lots of people lose their drivers' licenses and drive anyway---especially the kind of people who are repeat DUI offenders. Jail would be appropriate if it were the *expected* outcome, not the rarity. Then more people would start to pay attention to what they're doing when behind the wheel. IMHO.

Her punishment should be: 3 months of intensive cycling instruction, followed by a month of supervised riding on the roads of Baltimore city. This is followed by daily rides on pre-arranged routes in the Baltimore metro area, monitored by GPS and cycling observers. If she can survive this for two years, give her a bike and wish her luck.

If, on the other hand, she is injured or killed by a distracted/drunk/angry/stupid driver, well, karma is a bitch.

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