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Before selling the Purple Line as a bike project, it's wise to recall the experience with Maryland's ICC. State and local officials gained the support of bikers and local communities by promising a state-of-the- art 18-mile trail alongside the highway from Gaithersburg to Laurel. Only a third of the trail was eventually built, in short, disconnected sections that now sit mostly unused, except for occasional recreational riders. Once burned . . .

The ICC Trail is very different. It was dropped from the project 2 years before ground-breaking. They hadn't even chosen a corridor for the ICC then. It wasn't until 2008, after construction had begun, that a trail was added back in. The trail projects associated with this are well cooked in and it is hard to imagine they could be dropped at this time. The CCT has a much more powerful constituency (and federal rail banking law) on its side too.

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