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Too bad. All but predictable.

srsly: WTF, WF?

As it happens I took some photos of the site today. There are some shots of the closed (but apparently complete) trail on the north (also pictured above) and south. Also the short section of route 1 that has no sidewalk or bike lane and a few of the construction site. On the positive side: (1) there is a bike repair station at the Whole Foods; (2) the barriers are down where the trolley trail crosses Campus Drive (formerly Paint Branch Parkway).


This is a public right of way that has been closed far too long. For bike riders, it would be safer to go through despite the construction than detour to Route 1. All they need is to reorient the fencing and have a flagman on standby if a heavy truck needs to roll through. They're just being lazy and uncreative best I can tell.

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