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Pretty sure Maryland's definition of vision zero is that bikes will be on the road 0% of the time.

I bike through that circle often and it always makes me nervous. Lots of lane shifting and unexpected stopping. Plus the odd traffic light on the north side that is tripped when buses need to turn around.

Richard- That's Bowser's and Dormsjö's definition of VZ as well. They will only be happy when we are all driving, and only driving.

Bus also appeared to not use its turn signal. Not that that would make it okay, but, in general, it wouldn't hurt for WMATA bus drivers to get retrained about the use of turn signals. As a cyclist, if I know someone is turning, I'll usually, you know, react to that so that they can turn and/or I can not get hit.

The close pass shouldn't have mattered, if the bus had properly and legally yielded to the pedestrian already in the cross walk as well. I would definitely agree with the statement that many cyclists have experienced bus drivers pulling in front of cyclists only to come to immediate stops. I would only lay partial blame on the drivers for that, and also blame routes that have drivers making left turns immediately after bus stops on the right side of roads, forcing them to cross multiple lanes, or stops on the right after left turns forcing them to do the same. In this circumstance, the driver is probably behind schedule and is trying to save seconds, as that's all it ended up being. I hope this driver is reprimanded and forced to take defensive driver courses.

Reminds me of the daily bus-mania along the mall near American History and African American History museums. Tour buses routinely turn LEFT from the RIGHT lane onto both 14th and 15th streets across bikes, pedestrians, cars, whatever.

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