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A little out of my way, but I'll check it out in the next couple of weeks.


Sorry, I don't see this as part of the "war on cars," but instead a triumph for rich folks west of RCP to keep poor folks from the other side from driving through their neighborhood (of course now, East of RCP poor folks are just folks after 15 years). Their cause had the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. If environmental issues were so paramount regarding preserving the pristine green space that is RCP, let's close all of Beach Drive to traffic, permanently.

I will enjoy the trail as a non-driver now, but this was a class issue, IMO.

If Beach Drive were washed out, and if keeping it from happening again was prohibitively expensive there would likely be strong advocacy for closing it permanently. But as I recall, this was promoted as a War on Cars situation.

Pretty sure the impoverished masses of Adams Morgan are still invading the land of the swells via Porter Street and Tilden.

True those hordes are invading. But they definitely are not invading the world of the Maret School and the other $3 million homes that now will have a semi-private nature walk for their Bichon-Frisse.

BTW: Check out the wait times for crossing the park at Porter with the closing of Beach Drive. Epic.

I was there for the opening yesterday. Really a great trail....job well done for everyone involved.

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