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Officially the Custis Trail and W&OD run contiguously from Lee Hwy to the Custis turn-off. I do not know which one is on top of the other.

This plan is incedilby stupid.

The trail is on the wrong side of the tall sound barrier. It seems like the trail is just an after thought.

By putting the trail on the same side as the highway they could easily decide to eliminate the trail and add another travel lane.

Maybe they are just trying to one up Maryland SHA and the mess they made out of the ICC trail?

Yeah, if the trail were really meant to be permanent, it would be on the other side of the sound wall. It is quite possible they are planning for it to fail so that they can convert it to a car travel lane later. Even if they aren't planning for that, drivers will see an unused trail while they're stuck in traffic and will complain. And it will be largely unused--only those who don't have other choices will use it. No one is going to run or walk a dog on this thing, and cyclists will use another route if they can. This isn't going to have W&OD levels of traffic on it.

My only thought as to why they want to put it on the inside is that it creates an additional way for police or emergency vehicles to reach a spot, but that's what the shoulder is for right?

I am more optimistic that it will get used, in part because it will create a quicker way to Metro stations. But I think one on the other side would get MORE use.

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