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There are a bunch of bridges around the area (particular on 66 inside the beltway) where the bridge is 4 lanes while the rest of the road is two lanes. Clearly they built all of these bridges with the expectation that the roads themselves would be widened even though its been decades now and some of those bridges have even been rebuilt.

All of which to say, strange how that's automatic but adding an extra 10 feet onto a bridge that can accomodate pedestrians and cyclists (which basically weigh nothing) can't be done.

On the flipside, there are quite a few bridges with sidewalks that don't connect to anything - TR Bridge downstream and East Capitol Downstream come to mind.

That's not great. But when I think about an old commute that had cross a different highway* on a bridge without any sidewalk I think if I had to pick I'd pick the well done bridge with crappy approaches than the opposite.

*that was also tough because of all the on-ramps and people who just could not wait to merge onto a highway that was bumper to bumper anyway.

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