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Just like it was a great experience to give a street vending entrepreneur the reins, maybe it's time to try out a rocket scientist (Aeronautical Engineer).

This guy's willing... :)

Hopefully someone that will not stripe another foot of bike lanes until the biking community is forced to reckon with their constant blatant disregard of the traffic laws in the city.

I like the infrastructure mind you, but the endless middle finger we give the rest of the residents of the district needs to stop.

Why not also comment on the 60,000 cars that ran red lights?
Because any car that goes more than 40 mph kills more than 90 % of the people while a cyclist only killed 1 person last year

@Brett Young

When society says that it's ok to run me over with a car when I am biking because drivers drive 10 mph over the speed limit then I will care. For now the constant threats on the commute are because you and your ilk think it's your god given right to ignore traffic lights so you can get bent.

Oh richard, must you really make every post here about your personal, hypocritical hard on for yelling at cyclists for running stop signs? Must you?

Bike lanes save lives, so not building more means people will die. Is that your goal?

"When society says that it's ok to run me over with a car when I am biking because drivers drive 10 mph over the speed limit then I will care. "

Well guess what, we're already there and have been there for a long time. I could find you dozens of cases where a driver hit a cyclist from behind, killed them and got off with nothing but traffic fines - or less (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2014/07/30/judge-says-driver-didnt-look-when-she-fatally-struck-cyclist/) (https://pilotonline.com/news/no-charges-filed-in-crash-that-killed-virginia-beach-bicyclist/article_7d9ce98c-b16f-54a2-a67d-9b074bcf398c.html) (http://wjla.com/news/local/no-charges-in-fatal-bicycle-crash-that-claimed-the-life-of-retired-navy-seal), etc...

It's not other cyclists who are putting your life at risk, it's other drivers. (I'd be interested in even a single case of a driver hitting a cyclist because they were angry about other cyclists. One is all I ask).

Ilk or Elk ?
Because not many people know I have a pet Elk.

I look at this change from the perspective of a cyclist and a driver. I'm pleased at the bicycle infrastructure that has been implemented. But as a cyclist and a driver I am loathe to credit the person who couldn't pave the streets.

Our roads are a flipping mess. Mary Cheh asked DDOT what they needed to bring things up to par and got them that money two years ago. But I'd be hard pressed to show you where that money was spent, if it was.

My commute takes me down Mass Ave from the Naval Observatory to 13th Street. The section from Rock Creek Park to Sheridan Circle went from dangerous potholes to dangerous lumps of patching asphalt.

In my neighborhood they repaved a number of streets which were just as lumpy as before, but new asphalt. When was asked why we were told a slurry was used to save money.

So f this guy. Bring in someone that can do the complete job.

I remember Dormsjo being brought in to get the streetcar up and running. The one conversation I had with him was on Vision Zero and how important it was for city employees to be the example for safe driving. His response was that he didn't have any authority over the other city agencies which I thought was profoundly weak. I hope they get someone with more backbone.

This guy was an empty suit. Good riddance.

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