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Anyone know if AA county has scoped out continuing the WB&A trail all the way further up the old right of way through Odenton and all the way to connect with the BWI trail?

"The 1995 West County Trail Master Plan included a sidepath along WB&A Road from the north end of the current trail all the way to the BWI Trail — the loop trail that completely encircles BWI airport. The 2002 Severn Small Area Plan included this same trail, built in four phases. Unfortunately, this trail extension is not included in the county’s 2013 Master Plan."


Just watch, we will get the bridge then the WB&A will be destroyed by the propose Maglev train. This is supposed to connect DC and BWI and Baltimore. They are proposing the to use the WB&A in their right of way that will be 1000 feet wide. No kidding, and they are looking to take 263 houses in Bowie by emanate domain. There was a rather contentious meeting at Bowie City last night where this was the hot topic. Lots's of upset folks and lots of folks talking up this trail.

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