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Hah such relevant content here!

Bicycle hack! Cut a sidewall? Tube bubbling out? Take a dollar bill fold it 3 times and place it along the cut in the tire. Make sure it stays in place as you inflate the tube. I've found 2 bills folded together works even better. No internet needed :)

Number #6 - The WashCycle. First an advert that supports driver's who drive and drink, and now this. Topical much?

McBobby, how much did you pay for today's edition of the WashCycle? Something's got to pay the bills.

No link to the hacked HBO episodes? I want my money back.

Glad that WashCycle is upping the income stream from the blog but WTF is this an advert for? The DUI shark I get but this is just a sort of ramble. Whatever, the blog is valuable and since the number of commercial ads does seem to have fallen over the years I suppose it beats taking out a subscription.

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