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"Greenlining" - that's a new one to me. These people live in some sort of alternate reality.

Fully agree that this is one of the best rail-trail opportunities in MD, or anywhere. Any recreational trail is boon for the community, but the Civil War Railroad Trail has exceptionally outstanding qualities:

1. Connectivity

Most rail-trails don't connect to any larger trail system, but CWRT would link directly to 350 miles of the C & O Canal and Great Allegheny Passage. This network will continue to expand as connector trails are developed, such as Sheepskin Trail in PA which will eventually connect to West Virginia's extensive and excellent trail system. (One of the most conservative and pro-property rights states, West Virginia has fully embraced rail-trails, with a corresponding explosion in recreational tourism and economic development).

2. Destinations

Another drawback for many rail-trails is the lack of places to stop and sightsee or have a meal. The CWRT would be packed with them. For history buffs there are Harper's Ferry and the Antietam Battlefield, and a little farther south is the railroad town of Brunswick, which boasts a new brewery, walking trails, and a few nice eateries. At the northern terminus is Hagerstown, Maryland's 6th largest city, while Keedysville is a quaint colonial village at the midpoint with a well-preserved and walkable historic district.

3. Accessibility

While traversing a remote and pastoral valley, CWRT would be within 90 minutes drive for approximately 8 million people. In addition, Amtrak's Capitol Limited Service with bike capacity is available at Harper's Ferry, and MARC stops at both Harper's Ferry and Brunswick. MARC Brunswick Line is scheduled to add bike capacity later in 2017, so a person living near any MARC station could ride the train to Brunswick and bike to Hagerstown.

For anyone who loves biking and the outdoors, the CWRT presents an extraordinary opportunity to develop a premier recreational trail.

Once again I'd like evidence, any evidence that a trail "brings" crime.

I also kind of chuckle at the notion that city slickers in DC will be demanding bucolic views along the trail here when local trails like the MBT or sections through powerlines or along highways are pretty prevalent.

What if we still need that railroad for a Civil War?

I rode along a rail trail today. Two girls, both younger than 8, were selling lemonade from their backyard without parental supervision. So, yeah, the crime thing is BS.

Kolohe, since the original RR wasn't finished until 1864, we could fight most of the war without it. But the way things are going, it's not an invalid question.

Did the girls selling lemonade have the proper permits? If not, they were flouting the law. Prima facie evidence of trail-related lawlessness if I ever saw it.

MARC Brunswick Line is scheduled to add bike capacity later in 2017. where is evidence for this? i hope hes right.

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