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Cars should be barred from Beach Drive during commuting hours.

Crickey -I agree and I'll go further than that.
I'd love to see a plan where a significant amount of auto traffic is removed from the park....beginning with from Connecticut Ave to the Kennedy Center which is the worst culprit

Brett- As someone who lives right at the park, that would be incredible! Unfortunately, it will never happen in my lifetime. To most, parkway is synonymous with motorway.

Yep, why is this beautiful park sacrificed to car commuting. NYC has banned cars from Central Park and Prospect Park, and the city still functions just fine. Let's reclaim our park!!

I have a post on that.


I'm kind of interested in turning it into a 1-lane rush-hour direction road from Boulder Bridge to Joyce, with the other lane a two-way bikeway. And then toll the road - using the money to support the park. But that likely won't happen either.

Why Boulder Bridge as an end point? There is no place to turn off or turn around there. I would like it makes more sense for Broad Branch/Blagden to be the end point of a closure? (I do like the idea but agree that it's not likely).

It's not just the blatant abuse of the park for a purpose it was never meant for. It's the fact that the road is hard to use during the week for its intended purpose, recreation, while the recreational path would be a joke if it weren't downright scary.

Boulder Bridge (or nearby) because that's where NPS had proposed closing it back in the 1990's. But maybe I'm wrong on that.

So what is the Sierra club's take on this?
I talked with WMATA and they are advocates to closing the park permanently to vehicles.
What can WE do?
I love to have a meeting and come up with a realistic plan for the park that removes most of the auto traffic.
Is there an organization dedicated to this cause already?
If not, I'd be interested in forming one.
You have to start with an idea....then believe in it before anyone else does. Gradually others join your cause and soon the Kennedy Center and NPS joins it.
First thing that needs to be done is to create a group dedicated to this cause. So feel free to contact me with ideas on how to get this started. Starting with you Mr. Washcycle. You know how to reach me.
Who else is interested?

I support the idea but I would not have time for any meetings. I think going for the one-way idea would be a good start. Also NPS will probably want to retain vehicle access to the picnic areas along beach drive in the northern part of the park.

RE Boulder Bridge - maybe they had an idea for creating a turnaround there. Or maybe it was really a shorthand way of referring to the Broad Branch intersection?

As of August 28, Beach Drive will no longer be accessible to cyclists between Park Road/Tilden Street NW until the Maryland state line.

I couldn't find the cite for this quote linked in the article, but if it came from go.nps.gov/beachdrive, that page now says "Joyce Road" instead of "the Maryland state line".

So is the section of trail between Broad Branch and Tilden still open?

I will answer my own question - the paved trail between Broad Branch and Tilden (as well as further downstream) is open.

Thanks. I didn't know the answer.

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