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One important element to cyclists is what happens to the trail during construction. Is the trail between Silver Spring and Bethesda no longer available during construction? Having segments available while construction proceeds is amusing for taking the kids out on the weekend but without end to end connection its stops being a commuting route for hundreds of users.

As I recall they're mapping out a detour route for the construction period, so I believe it will close in either parts or completely during construction.

Yes, there will be a detour route. Actually, two, a useless one because the Town of Chevy Chase won't let them erect signage on the useful one, and the useful one. If you need the unsigned, unofficial but useful one, I could probably find a link.

Links to any alt routes would be much appreciated. My shop is at the SS end of the trail. Closure is really going to hit me hard.


The very last comment has a suggested route.

Full funding agreement was put in place alongside the groundbreaking. https://ggwash.org/view/64589/the-purple-line-breaks-ground

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