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Wish I could join you but I am having surgery on my foot.
I took photos of the trail a few weeks ago....I'd be happy to share those.

A great idea, I'll have to see if I can make it.

I added this to the calendar here:

One improvement to the detour would be to turn right on Spencer immediately after crossing E-W Highway. There is a footbridge over the creek that allows one to cut off several blocks. It's narrow, so deferring to walkers is necessary, but it's shorter and requires fewer turns.

Sorry to miss this ride since my office door is a hundred yards from the Stewart Ave trail entrance and I've relied on the trail since it opened. Does anyone have a link to info on the construction timeline for the Purple Line? It seems a bit much to close the trail for the entire five years when it only comprises three miles of the full 16 mile rail line.

I don't know of a timeline, but I think the general idea is that the trail will be closed, then the Purple Line built, then the Capital Crescent Trail - which might explain the long gap.

I'm sorry to have missed a last ride on the trail. I think Audubon Naturalist Society struck the right tone, even if I am a touch bothered by their being in Chevy Chase and lacking a bikeshare station.


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