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Hopefully the deal also includes some kind of guarantee/statement saying the land Ourisman built on returns to the trail when the garage is torn down.

But yeah, this seems like a win-win for both sides. Making them tear down the garage and rebuild it would have been an expensive fight for little gain.

Also, did the "Friends" of the Capital Crescent Trail have anything to say, ever, on this matter? No? Shocking!

I gave up on the "Friends" when they endorsed "safety improvements" that the county made a few years ago that included speed limits for cyclists. As far as I could tell the changes did nothing for safety and only inconvenienced cyclists.

Are you talking about "FOTCC" or the Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail?

I'm talking about "FOTCCT", the anti-transit group of Chevy Chase residents masquerading as a "save the trail" group. For some reason the Purple Line seems to be the only issue surrounding the trail that they actually care about.

Oh sorry, I was asking contrarian. I think CCCT supported the speed limit, while FOCCT are unaware that the trail goes west of Wisconsin Avenue.

AFAICT, Maryland exists solely to make Virginia and DC feel better about their bike infrastructure. Even when they have a good thing, they manage to eff it up and allow a car dealership, of all things, to build a parking garage on top of it.* And leave it there. Don't let me get started about the Bethesda tunnel/detour.

No, I'm not still bitter about the Cross-County Connector bike trail being tossed because of environmental considerations, why?

*Admitted hyperbole.

You're right, I was confusing Friends with CCCT.

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