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It feels a bit weird to have a sponsored post on this blog that targets dangerous motorists who drink and drive...

You can't be too careful, can you?

I keep a crackerjack aggravated A&B attorney on retainer for those time when I pull somebody out through his window by his ears after (s)he takes a right turn on top of me and starts yelling about get on the sidewalk.

This is what a DUI attorney can do to you:


Um..... WTF. I hope you got Oprah rich off of this. Its a pathetic sell out to provide advertising space to people who specialize in jeopardizing cyclists lives. Or hopefully your account got hijacked.


Mordant irony fails about 3/5 times on the internet.

The act of reading about, or retaining a DUI attorney will almost surely make you lest likely to commit DUI.

What the heck? And why Rockford IL?

It's a little different - the main bike blogs in Seattle and Portland, by comparison, feature local ads from attorneys who specialize in legal cases for cyclists, not drunk drivers.

I am a little surprised that it makes sense for the advertiser, whose name appears only in an embedded link, to have this much text surrounding the one link.

There are a surprising number of typos and other oddities in this. I particularly find amazing the recommendation only to use lawyers who know the law in your own _country_.

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