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Hooray! I live near there, and have been detouring to the Pickett street bridge. And Google Maps bike directions often send me to western locations via the tunnel under I395 which is currently blocked by the project.

Hey - who is paying for this bridge? Taxpayer $$s? They have been working on it for two years, or plus. Seems all those $$s could be more beneficial used elsewhere - I have walked across that dry bed creek for years. Projets in Alexendria never seem to end.

Gloria, they started construction 13 month ago, but I bet the city doesn't pay more if the construction team takes too long - in fact I suspect the opposite.

I think the benefits are better stream health and a bridge that is open every day of the year - which is a good thing to have if you bike commute. I don't know how much it costs, but its easy to argue that any money spent on one thing could be better spent on another, since everyone has different values.

It is also about having an ADA compliant crossing - the old crossing was far from ADA compliant.

They started this work in March, 2017. Now we are seeing signs that they are nearly finished with the bridge part of the project. The bridge is up, and the ramp to the tunnel under I395 looks close to complete. I don't know if the bridge will open while they finish part 2, which is restoration of Holmes Run to a more natural state. The high water in some of the Spring's major rain events probably slowed them down a bit.

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