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Wow, I did not realize there were Google "street view" photos available along some sections of the C&O Canal towpath! Cool.

Columbia Gas (TransCanada) wants to run fracked gas pipe under the WMRT west of Hancock. Please ask Maryland Park Service to deny the easement to dig up the trail.

I am on the Western Maryland Rail Trail 4-5 times every week. I seldom cycle it but I am walking and I constantly interact with others on The Trail that possibly welcome information about Hancock, Fort Frederick, our C & O Bike Trail and our Western Maryland Rail Trail. As you are probably aware there has been two primary pieces of literature in circulation for years describing The Western Maryland Rail Trail.One piece of literature is titled.."Help Extend Western Maryland Rail Trail ..through the Paw Paw Bends of West Virginia and Maryland....We Need Strong Citizen Suppprt". That literature shows the hoped for extension to go all the way to and past West Virginia Route 9/Maryland Route 51. Does your write up generally follow the same dream. Is it proper that I continue to pass out that piece of lit?

I'm not familiar with that write up. I basically came up with this by myself by trying to emulate the original plan, but while skipping the tunnels.

Sure, it's proper. I'm not sure how much traction it will get. Right now the issue is the West Virginia isn't interested. The trail is basically a tourism/recreation thing and I guess they don't think it will draw as many tourists without the tunnels. WV is sitting on about 1000 miles of abandoned railroad, much of it that would appeal to tourists, so maybe their thought is that they can get the same bang for the their buck (or better) elsewhere.

Did anyone consider building a tunnel within a tunnel. Think Paw Paw Tunnel with it's walkway tucked against the wall. They could have done the same thing in the tunnels in question but enclose it and extend several yards past each entrance. Bats, hikers and bikers all happy and WV wouldn't have pulled out and we'd have those great river bridge crossings.

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