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4.6%! We're Number 2! Eat that, Minneapolis (cold & snow) and San Francisco (steep hills).

Although, in reality, I suppose I'm part of the 2.4% of Arlington. I'd say that 2.4% is lame, but there's always Gaithersburg.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step followed by a realization that you forgot your sunglasses and running back into the house to grab them and then restarting.

Minneapolis has the advantage of a lot of abandoned railroad lines and San Francisco has fantastic weather all the time - and no where at all to park.

We have different ideas of fantastic weather. :)

But it's a great city for riding. Many of the worst hills can be avoided if you wish, and yes, it's rarely hot.

Be wary of small sample sizes. Neither the spike in Arlington, nor the decline in Alexandria, sound credible to me. Which I think matches up with what Census says about significance intervals.

Absolutely, there's a lot of noise in these numbers. More on that in a later post.

If I recall, you have to chose just one mode, so it's not going to catch people who are fair-weather cyclists biking a couple of days a week.

True. It under counts cyclists, but I saw a really good analysis that shows it doesn't under count them by that much. Like 5% or so.

I'm going to help next year by immediately riding back home, changing into another outfit and riding back down.

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