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They couldn't open the trail in the interim because cyclists and pedestrians on the trail would disturb the grass?


Thank goodness nobody died trying to cross that intersection in the past two years.

Yeah, I think it would have been real easy to just build a fence between the trail and the growing grass and leave this open, but whatever.

While annoying, the intersection option has good walk/bike signals that operate on call buttons. Never had a problem crossing myself--though I have seen some try to cross without waiting and cars zooming down the bridge can be dicey.

This is just so stupid I don't know what to do. I too am glad nobody (myself included) has been run over during the moronic closure.

While on the subject of the ART, what is the deal with the portion through the Navy Yard being posted as "walk your bike." I ride this everyday, but never paid that much attention until over the past few weeks a security person or navy cop tells me to get off my bike and walk it. How is this consistent with a multi-use trail system? Is this just the Navy going rogue?

That's the Navy. They own the promenade and that is their rule. I don't know the justification for it. I've never been stopped by security so I haven't worried about it too much.

Here's some other (shorter) bike blogger on it,


Somehow I didn't see this until now. Perhaps they open soon! Would make my bike commute to work a little easier

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