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As it so happens, I went by the Georgetown Branch just this morning. There is the world's most ineffective barrier up at Jones Bridge. The trail is closed, wink-wink. More pertinent was the closure of Beach Drive at the Maryland-DC line, which forced me to take at least part of one of the unofficial detours, up Woodbine. It wasn't too bad, though climbing out of the Rock Creek valley twice a day will take a lot out of commuters.

Per the Town of Chevy Chase' mayor, the roads are "too narrow to accommodate bikes and cars." Yet that's exactly what they're been doing all along, and continue to do even now. A sign changes nothing.

What exactly is a road that is "too narrow to accommodate bikes and cars"?

It might not be wide enough to put in a separate bike lane, but if it's wide enough for a car, it's wide enough for all.

Besides, the interim trail to downtown Silver Spring went over the 1-lane Talbot bridge. That was expected to handle 2-way traffic of cars, bikes, and pedestrians. (Fun note: one day I saw a school bus had tried unsuccessfully to cross the bridge and got stuck.)

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