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I think you are being optimistic about recreational use. As a runner and a dog walker, I would never use this trail for those purposes, and I doubt many will, although I can't deny that the odd person might, so strictly speaking, you're not wrong. But I think the primary folks to use this will be commuting cyclists who don't have better options. For that purpose, it's okay-ish, I suppose, and VDOT can easily convert it to a car lane when they're ready.

Love that one illustration they have of the couple apparently standing and marveling at the traffic, with a dog lying at their feet. Feels like the 2017 American version of communist propaganda posters.

This design is frankly an insult.

It's going to be Suitland Parkway bike trail bad.

Were I a Virginia tax payer I'd be pushing hard to not have my tax dollars wasted on something this ridiculous. Take the money and do something actually useful for bike infra.

Wow Linda Smyth comes off terribly in those linked emails. I hope her constituents are paying attention and will remember this when election season rolls around.

I've lived in Fairfax County for over 25 years, and this is so typical of the way things are done here. When they built the Fairfax County Parkway and the Franconia-Springfield Parkway, they completely botched the paths, with numerous disconnected sections, random detours into neighborhoods, at-grade crossings, and other things that just don't make sense. Whenever I've talked to road planners, the attitude is "sure, we like bikes - now go away and let US tell you what we're going to do for you." Then we get something that is barely useful, and another opportunity is squandered.

Fairfax County is one of the worst in the area for biking infrastructure. I've bike commuted over 10k miles, so this is something I routinely have to deal with. The sad part is that I've seen the county grow, and every time there is an opportunity to do the right thing for cyclists, they find some way of screwing it up.

Funny how DDOT gets a free pass on their shit infrastructure but VDOT gets a 10 point deficiency list.

I have criticized DDOT many times, including about them caving into churches on bike lane projects, but I'll bite, what you got from DDOT that's as bad as this?

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