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I do hope there is some sort of White House free connection . I don't know if I'm unlucky or not but using Pennsylvania avenue on a bike has gotten really, really unreliable thanks to sudden closures (that aren't always obvious otherwise I would have maybe gone a different way entirely).

It's great when its there but when it's not then options get bad really quickly. Building in redundancy would help a lot.

Every afternoon for two weeks it has been closed when I go through, so it's not just you.

Wait---$33 million for a 0.6 mile/1 km segment of protected bike lanes?

That's insane but I guess is in line with how the 2.4 mile streetcar cost $200 million, which is what some other countries spend on full subways.

We have to do better!

It's more than just the protected bike lane. It's a complete rebuild of the street. The big ticket items are full depth pavement, utility relocation, SWM pipes and structures and intersection signal reconstruction.

The roadway has to be strong enough to support the tanks and missile launchers.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully we won't have to do those kinds of rebuilds everywhere in the district!

(Though just checked and DDOT is the biggest part of the capital budget at around $0.5B and 35% of the total)

The White House alternative has to remain H St I think.

Hopefully west bound cyclists will be allowed to use the contra-flow bus lane.

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