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VRE also only allows two (full-sized) bikes per train and you have to set it up in the disabled seating area that has fold down seats. This can require asking someone (non-disabled) who just happens to be sitting there to get up and move which has had me see some awkward interactions.

I don't know if any cyclist has ever had to get off or move because someone in a wheelchair wanted to board.

I commute on the MARC Brunswick line to Silver Spring. I ride my folding bike to the station and bring it with me on the train. With only two bike spaces per train, it's hard to imagine that I would switch to a regular bike. If the train comes and both bike spaces are taken, I'll still need to be able to fold up my bike to take it on the train.

Just as an aside, even with a folding bike it can be tricky finding a place to stash it when the train is really full.

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