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Detailed maps can be found here:

They dropped the WB&A alignments due to the loud outcry from Bowie area residents. The Amtrak/MARC alignment still condemns many private properties in Old Bowie and along MD564. There is a strong effort to fight this.

If successful, that leaves alignments along 295. It is interesting that that is also where the MD Gov wants to add toll lanes. Also where Elon Musk wants to start his Hyperloop tunnel. Talk about congestion!

The proposed alignment along 295 is also facing opposition from residents in Greenbelt, since it could impact the city's Forest Preserve. In addition, for cyclists who like to ride the BARC roads, there is a potential impact from the maintenance yard. The maps show a potential maintenance area covering Springfield Rd near the intersection with Powder Mill. Would not be a big problem if the road is re-built around the yard, but I am not sure if it would be. (you can see it on this map too)

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