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Regarding a trail along the stream - there's already a paved trail for roughly half the distance, between River Rd and 52nd. But it's pretty narrow and not well-suited to biking. Heading east from River Rd you can follow a dirt/grass service road to the NE Branch trail. I agree than an updated trail (including connection on west side of River Rd on this parcel) is a good idea.

They only mention updating the tunnel with light and paint--nothing about widening it, which I think is the most urgent need.

The MARC commuters often huddle around in this tunnel and make it impossible for bikes to pass through. I've been injured twice by following the rules and walking my bike only to fall over trying to make room for pedestrians. I find it is safer to stay on the bike and slowly ride through the tunnel--but then the MARC commuters start lecturing me that I need to walk the bike (yes, these are the same ones loitering in the tunnel).

I'm glad to see that they're going to improve the area, but it will be a disaster if they don't improve the tunnel itself first.

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