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I loath the commuter parking benefit. It's indefensible, simultaneously money-wasting and congestion inducing. I'd personally benefit from this bill, after decades of being shorted, though I'd rather they do away with the parking benefit and only subsidize transit.

I hope this passes. Any idea if Federal employees would qualify?

I agree essentially with Crickey. It would make more sense to tax parking benefits at market value and let employees opt out.

I've been coming around on this. Not to the idea that having the parking fringe benefit be tax free is a good policy, but maybe that making it taxable isn't much better. How exactly would that work? Would every employer decide how much the parking is worth (and how often they use it) and then declare that on people's 1040? Talk about regulatory burden. Would it be worth it? I'm not sure. Not that the current system is great. It stinks too. But I wonder about the cost of implementing a tax system on parking.

Value it at the median for an annually leased space in that municipality and add it to payroll, unless the employee hands in their hanger? Many employers already seem to be dealing with transit subsidies and this would relieve them of that burden, but what do I know?

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