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As a commuter who passes through this area twice daily, I am hoping that no closures with detours of the Four Mile Run trail will be required to do this work. At the risk of sounding whiny, in the past several years Four Mile Run has had what seems like a lot of detours for different construction. Still, the resulting widened trail for 3/4 of a mile or so is a nice upgrade.

Is this separate from the discussed pedestrian bridge across some part of Four Mile Run? Is that likely to be implemented?

I have to concur with the previous comment about shutting down trail access for extended periods without providing reasonable detours for trail commuters. Arlington and Alexandria have both done this in recent years. We know that neither jurisdiction would shutdown a roadway for an extended period without making significant accommodations for motorized traffic. They should not shutdown commuter trails without providing safe, reasonable detours to Bicycle commuters.

Michael, this is separate from the bridge. The bridge will be built farther upstream. As to how likely it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, it's not dead yet.

But there was a detour for the most recent closure of FMRT, it just involved crossing to the other side of the stream.

On the one hand considerable planning went into the detour to the trail on the Alexandria side, but on the other hand, "just crossing" minimizes somewhat the issues involved (especially right at Mount Vernon Avenue).

In the case of the new park, there is no real option on the Alexandria side, as there is no entry to the MVT in Alexandria north of Slaters Lane, AFAIK. The alts are rte 1 to S Glebe, to Potomac Avenue (either back south to the 4MRT, or north to the Crystal City connection)

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