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Frederick has made the channelized creek in the center of town into a great attraction. It's fairly similar to the canal set-up in Georgetown. Simply put, it's hard to have too many access points or too many people walking around and enjoying it.

Came here to say the same as Crickey - the rendering after the cross section looks just like Carroll Creek in Frederick, which (from the perspective of an occasional visitor and regular beer festival attendee) is a great setup for a public space. I'd love to see a similar treatment in Georgetown.

two things:

1. I have a hard time seeing how what's described as bad from neighbors opposed to the changes is actually bad. It's like actually complaining that a puppy is too cute.

2. Someone elsewhere said the heating plant shouldn't be redeveloped because it's not close to metro. That's wrong but it could be even closer if there was a way to connect the dead end at L street over Rock Creek Parkway to the Canal trail.

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