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The mere fact that they are trying to make the place more bike friendly seems like a big gain to me - if more Pentagon employees bike because of showers and parking, that could lead to more improvements down the road.

I work at the Pentagon and bike commute there when I can. Several of the bike racks are stuffed full of bikes each day, which shows that a lot of people ride their bikes to and from there, so it's good that they are helping us out. I've worked in several other military places around the area, and overall the Pentagon is not too bad of a place to bike commute to. Improvements are always welcome.

I'm glad they are going to add shower facilities. That was the big issue that I noted when I took survey. Currently, I park my bike at the corridor 3 bike racks, and have to walk all the way to the PAC on the other side of the building, and then back to my office. Not a big deal, but getting to the PAC is a maze of corridors, and it's a lot of walking.

It would also be nice to have a permanent locker at the PAC (or some other shower facility), but the wait list to get a PAC locker is something like 5 years.

Getting from the path along Route 27 to the PAC is a little circuitous. Likewise, getting from the south side of the Pentagon to the PAC on the north side is also a bit circuitous and could be improved.

One simple improvement would be to add some bike racks at the PAC. The racks already there are crammed full of bikes each day. Adding another rack or two there would be cheap.

I'm not sure why they are adding bike parking facilities in the lot on Army-Navy drive. Are they trying to make that a remote transit hub?

Pentagon says biking at Pentagon sucks because of lack of bike lanes, but they don't want to add bike lanes.

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