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The picture has the finger going in the wrong direction. It's the cyclists who are getting shown it.

It's unlikely this swung the needle much for bike commuters. The real fight is at the local level, for infra and better laws.

True. It's a small program with small impact. But I'd rather see them making it bigger/more useful, not smaller/less.

Considering the source, I'm pleasantly surprised they aren't eliminating the transit subsidy.

The tiny cost of the program makes this seem like a gratuitous swipe and I’m sure there are more to come. I could never take the benefit because my job requires me to have 24/7 parking available, and I will benefit from the tax bill under most scenarios, but I wish it and it’s perpetrators doom and unmitigated failure.

+1 Smedley. You are not alone there. I can't use the benefit either, but we need programs that reduce traffic, obesity, and pollution, and promoting cycling does all three. This saves about zero money, so it's just to make a point.

The bill this passed with was ARRA, American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, which Blumenauer voted against for a variety of principled reasons.

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