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Park Police have a lot of internal issues, well beyond bicycle ignorance. They killed someone near Fort Hunt for no apparent reason. I saw another officer turn on his lights to make an illegal left from S Capitol to I St SW the other day and then turn them off, a clear abuse of authority.

I was hit by a woman intentionally (she was screaming abuse at me just prior to the collision). I was dragged about 500 feet on/under the side of her car. 3 other cyclists witnessed this and gave reports to the police.
The end result? No fault. They claim it was an 'accident' and that no individual was responsible. The damage to my bike was my responsibility, and I still have the scars from it. She drove off scot free.
MPD hates cyclists. I will never trust them to deal with these situations appropriately.

@Rasputin- Too true. I had a motorist abandon his car, chase me on foot down into my work garage, attack me, and then leave. I had it all on camera. The responding officer saw the video and threatened to "march me out in handcuffs" if I wanted to file an official report, since I obviously must have done something to "start it". Absolute lunacy. Things will never change.

Jesus, that's terrible.
I've considered writing an open letter to Bowser regarding her commitment to Vision Zero. Rather, that fact that she appears to have completely abandoned the idea of enforcing the barest minimums of traffic safety in this town. Not just by way of cycling, but pedestrian safety and driver safety. The fact that you can do 55MPH with your lights off at night through a red light in a residential zone in front of a cop without worry (I've seen this multiple times in my neighborhood) is disgusting and encourages more bad behaviour.
For that along I think she should be replaced come next election.

My experiences with cops have been dismal.

1) I was riding in the road in Arlington. Cop goes out of his way to stop, get out of his car, and yell at me to get on the bike path ("because it's required"). I politely disagree, and which point he starts to come unglued and makes it clear that if I don't do what he says immediately, he is going to pound the living snot out of me.

2) In Fairfax County, a deranged guy in a car started assaulting me, trying to run me down and hurling all kinds of verbal abuse my way. He also sped up to me, got out of his car, and tried to catch me. This was in my neighborhood, and I got the license plate. Once I got to a safe place, I called the local precinct and a cop came out. Instead of taking a report, the cop came up with all kinds of reasons why it was my fault (e.g., the cop saw a rogue cyclist last week blow through a stop sign, so we all must be bad).

We are on our own out there. Don't count on anybody to help us.

It's easy to feel singled out, and I sometimes do, but the police are fairly powerless/useless in general in enforcing safe behavior by motorists. Motorists endanger not just cyclists, but also pedestrians and other drivers (while they are in protective cages, there are still 10,000+ motorist deaths per year). But yeah, it feels worse for cyclists because we are often blamed for others' bad behavior; blaming the victim will always get you worked up.

The cops were out there yesterday ticketing drivers in the bike lane on River Road. I personally thanked them.

They were not out today. And the cars were right back at it.

I am not surprised by the anecdotes above, but here's one counter-example: Many years ago (that time my helmet came in handy), I was run off the road and physically attacked by four young guys in a car. Called Montgomery County police when I got home. An officer came, took a report, and we had a mutually respectful conversation. She ran the tags and located the owner in Cheverly. I was given the option of pressing charges, which she said was unlikely to lead to a conviction, since the owner probably wasn't in the vehicle at the time and it would be hard to ID the perps, it being dark. They also offered to call the owner and inform them of what happened and give them a warning, which is what I asked them to do. Maybe they didn't actually do it, but I felt better. I have found the MC cops to be friendly (to old white guys, anyway) and I have the feeling they are generally on the right side. Other jurisdictions may be much worse and that's one of many reasons I live a few blocks on the MD side of Western Ave.

"What if I had been unconscious?"

This is disturbing. What if you have a handlebar or saddle bag? Would they leave that behind too? It could contain a wallet, cell phone, or even important medical information.

As much as I hate to give up my solo rides, I'm beginning to think the best/safest way to travel by bike is with another cyclist. That doesn't always work out with my schedule, but I keep reminding myself to try because having/being a witness is better than what happened to folks above (and I am so sorry those things have happened). Plus, being more than one seems to decrease the possibility of these things happening (I'm guessing here, no actual stats).

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