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The plans seem OK as far as it goes, but Little Falls Pkwy remains an impervious barrier between Westbard and neighborhoods to the East, a major oversight, in my opinion.

A LFP crossing would provide access to the businesses in the Westbard area and the CCT from the East and a pleasant way of getting from Westbard to Friendship Heights, Tenley, and environs.

River Rd. and Mass Ave. are not viable choices for most people, the sidewalks, especially on RR are narrow even to walk on, and even I avoid going with traffic on those roads during the rush. Taking Mass also involves a steep climb back to the height of land to the Northeast.

I ride the stretch of River east of Little Falls every day. It’s really not that bad, though it is decidedly not for casual cyclists.
In general, MoCo is doing impressive things in this area. Which is why the knee jerk opposition to really, really good planning so annoys me.

Going East, right? I think I’ve seen you. I go The other way and take a right on Little Falls. Now let’s not go crazy and wave or anything.

...in the morning, that is.

Going west in the evening.

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