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Arlington residents who are commenting would be wise to CC [email protected] to ensure Arlington is doing all that it can as a stakeholder to move this forward as well!

One short, relatively easy connection that would make the build options a lot more useful would be connecting from the new bridge landing to the southern Case Bridge sidepath landing, via a street-level connection over NPS East Potomac Park property.

With the Banneker Circle renovations, this would get riders to the ART and L'enfant Plaza. Not as directly as along the tracks to Hancock Park, of course.

Darren, I had the same thought. And then I looked at Google street view for that area and there's a guy doing some bike repair on grassy slope next to the highway, right where a connection would need to go. I did not think 395/Case bridge was open to cyclists . . (?)

darren, I think that's a great idea. It is out of the project area, but still a good idea.

We need this built, with a connection from Long Bridge Park in Arlington to the Wharf (which may be via the Case Bridge).

One point that I believe you missed, but seems to me one of the most important: building the connection between Long Bridge Park and the Mount Vernon Trail will help relieve the dangerous congestion on the MVT. It's a constant complaint -- too many bikers (going too fast) are using the MVT for the trail that we have. It is unlikely that NPS is going to widen the MVT or otherwise improve the conflict points (blind corners, etc), but building this connection would make it easier for people to take Crystal City streets through LBP to get the trail, bypassing the most congested and dangerous parts of the MVT (Gravely Point, the curves around the airport).

Building the connection over the Potomac could similar ease congestion and conflicts on the 14th Street Bridge.

And, creating this connections as part of this project would have the least impact on the "viewshed" that NPS works so hard to protect.

We need to hammer these points with NPS to get them on board.

I didn't realize the MVT was dangerously congested, but that's a good point to include.

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