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I have the impression that this project was killed, or at least put on indefinite hold, after pearl-clutching by the neighbors around the time of the initial King Street Bike Lane kerfluffle, but I'm not involved enough in Alexandria advocacy to really know for sure.

18th century street widths combined with a local constintuency that really, really, likes to drive everywhere and park there cars means that so extremely obvious bike projects in Old Town like this one can't get off the ground.

It's a weird spot because those conditions make Old Town pretty bike friendly today but it's a very low ceiling until you actually acknowledge that cyclists could use some space as well.

I would suggest on the subject of cycling and tunnels that for a cyclist, the tunnels on the roadway along the Seine in Paris are well worth renting a bikeshare bike for several hours on a Sunday morning when they are freely available to pedestrians, roller skaters, and cyclists. https://api-site-cdn.paris.fr/images/91962.pdf

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