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I'm still getting fundraising emails from the "Friends". They don't sound like they've given up yet.

back when Construction started in August or so one member of the Friends basically said his plan was to keep suing over whatever he could think of.

Frankly I expected people laying down in front of bulldozers.

Also, reading the rest of that article has me fairly convinced it's not a lack of communication from the authorities that has people up in arms.

Oh yeah, it's all BS. Saving the trail. Subway better. BRT better. Outer Purple line better. Too expensive. F--ing shrimp. Trees!!!. Will only make developers rich. Process was flawed. EIS flawed. Not enough outreach. Trolley? Trail next to a train, but trains derail what about the children?, Petitions. etc...

Every single bit of it has been complete BS. And the media reports it like they have no memory, like each of these claims is legit and like this is a trail organization who really cares about whatever BS they're throwing at the "Stop the Purple Line" effort this time. I'm so tired of it that I'm now MORE happy about them losing then I am about getting a better trail.

I'm trying not to "rejoice when my enemy falls or let my heart leap for joy" and to empathize with them dealing with construction impacts, but it ain't easy.

Well, to point out the obvious, there is no trail to befriend at this point.

If the Purple line is completely stymied, perhaps the current federal authorities would be sympathetic to opening the area to oil and gas exploration. Think of the economic benefits!

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