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It's not true that the ACS doesn't provide a way of looking at just bike commuters. The ACS five-year estimates might roll together "taxi, motorcycle, bicycle, or other means," but the estimates are summaries.

The actual survey asks about these transportation modes as separate categories. We can get (a sample of) the original ACS survey responses as PUMS data. A researcher, interested in the demographics of just bike commuters, would want to pull the PUMS data and run a custom analysis.

Nobody gives Tulsa its due. August 2007! http://www.tulsa-townies.com/

I once asked Paul DeMaio for a ruling on that. He said Tulsa didn't count because they only had 2 stations or something. Anyway take it up with him.

Three! If you leave one place and have a choice of 2+ other places to go, it's a network. Bixi? Asterixi. Tulsa? Sooner!

Again, Paul gave it a thumbs down. My hands are tied here.

I love that the guys in the video are rocking Expos jackets. That is retro cool!

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