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I'm glad to see the changes to Mass and Q. I used to ride on Q for my commute, and the intersection was terribly wide what with the angle. I would start with the green light, and by the time I was 3/4 of the way across, the light would turn and the cars on Mass Ave would get the light and be driving towards me.

I ride Mass from Observatory to 13th every day and this section is so very much overdue just for repaving. All the other goodies are fine, but they can't resurface this soon enough.

Seconding both of you guys. I ride this stretch as well. The crosswalks at Q are really bad, and many pedestrians simply ignore them. This design should work better. And has anyone else experienced an overwhelming smell of basil just West of the RCP bridge? It's been there for years, and I cannot figure out what it is.

The biggest problem I have with the Q Street intersection is the number of vehicles in the left lane that turn right onto Massachusetts. Then there's the outbound traffic on Massachusetts that backs up from the Florida Avenue intersection and blocks the Q Street intersection well after the lights have changed.

Also, it's interesting that the 20th Street picture was taken on a Farmer's Market day. Otherwise you'd have the impression 20th Street just . .. ended.

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