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Took the cycletrack for the first time yesterday after avoiding this area through construction. I would say that it took me almost twice as long as riding on Maine did (which I did through the first 2 years of construction). This was because of all of the people moseying through or on it and the fact that I could not turn left at the light onto 7th so ended up having to wait another light cycle. Also, it's a pet peeve that they won't put simple ramps in at the Banneker curbs. I know that they're spending millions and that it will be fabulous like 10 years from now when development at the Wharf is stale, but simple fixes in the meantime would be much appreciated.

The PBL should get better A When the actual sidewalk is no longer blocked by retail build out B. There are no longer construction workers moseying across it C. When Phase 2 is complete, because the current sidewalk south of the PBL is aligned to the PBL, not the sidewalk, so peds naturally proceed straight onto the PBL.

That said, faster confident through cyclists will likely always be better off taking the lane on Maine. I don't suppose a sharrows on Maine is in the cards.

"In addition, the Applicant has proposed adding Shared Lane (“Sharrow”) markings on Water Street, 6th Street, and M Place, which will connect the Maine Avenue cycle track to the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail via Waterfront Park."

This is the stretch adjacent to 'parcel 10' in the drawing. Riders connecting from the Maine Ave PBL to the new waterfront park driveway to the Titanic Memorial would have to ride down into the street where the PBL ends, and then back up the driveway.

It would be a lot cleaner, intuitive, and perhaps safer if the Wharf found space at sidewalk-grade so that riders could just remain out of street for that stretch.

Someday, when the soccer stadium streets, Wharf Phase II, and S Cap Street Bridge and Trail are built out, this small segment would be the only in-street shared-lane riding between the 14th Street Bridge and the DC/MD line.

So the cycle track will continue to link to a sidewalk on both ends? Awesome stuff DC. More disjointed bike infrastructure is exactly what we need. I'm already prepping for the "why are there people walking in the bike lanes" tweets.

Also, can you please please stop reporting the addition of sharrows as "bicycle infrastructure"?

On the south side it would connect to a sidewalk - you can see the signage saying that the bicycle route is "on Sidewalk" right now. But that 1 block sidewalk is asphalt, not concrete, so I would think of it as more a sidepath.

Going north I would say the same thing. That sidewalk is not asphalt, but it is VERY wide. This is largely a matter of semantics. If it makes you feel better you can call it a raised, curb-protected shared use trail.

My point being, not all sidewalks are bad - or even sidewalks really.

"can you please please stop reporting the addition of sharrows as "bicycle infrastructure"?"

I don't think I did. I think I called them "bike stuff". Is that not accurate?

Hey, DC just ranked Gold in Bicycle Friendly Community status. That means all this infrastructure must be perfect as it is.

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