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Thank you for the comprehensive update! I, likewise, have no idea if the Ourisman deal is good, but I don't see how a "plaza" helps cyclists unless it segregates pedestrians better and eliminates the dreadfully awkward and potentially dangerous sidewalk crossing. It seems to me that creating an attractive outdoor space does the opposite, but what do I know?

As for River Rd. let's cut it down to one lane each way from Willard to Westbard with a tree-lined mall down the middle and walkable sidewalks. Hahahahaha!

Off topic but the powerpoint for Sligo Creek uses a fantasy metro map that has a separated blue line and a "gold line" as well. lol.

Whether the Ourisman deal was good or bad is a bit beside the point. The director of the permitting department rammed the agreement through as quickly as possible in order to shuffle an embarrassing mistake by her department under the rug, a mistake that allowed the encroachment in the first place. She compounded a mistake with borderline unethical conduct.

I know that there is a good amount of bicycle improvements on the MoCo portion of the purple line, but have you seen any indication that any improvements will be made on the PG side? I looked through the plans and didn't see anything standing out. I was hoping areas like 410 under BW parkway would get improved sidewalks/trails, but based on the photo it looks like they will be keeping the same narrow sidewalks that currently exist.

Here's all the bike projects associated wit it


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