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I used to work at Fort Belvoir and would commute more or less along the red path back and forth to my home in Springfield. For much of the red path, there is a side path from Old Backlick to Telegraph Road. South of DLA (the large semi-circular building and parking lot on the other side of "Pkwy") it would be nice to have a way of connecting the path to Route 1, but I would just ride on Old Backlick. Maybe since I left in 2016 they've improved it.

A path north of Telegraph to connect to Loisdale would be better than the patchwork of paths that I used to ride twice a day. Actually, what is really needed in that area is a better way to cross 95. It is a very bike-unfriendly mess. It's a real shame, because that part of the parkway is relatively new.

Extending the Accontink Trail along Accontink Creek from Franconia Springfield Parkway to Route 1 would create a better crossing of I-95 and seems like a no-brainer.

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