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I wanna see some Ward 5 action up in here!

DC is paying for the RCP trail?

Good news on the Aspen Street improvements, as there is a brand new High School that opened this year at the intersection of 16th and Aspen. The problem here is that the logical connection to Sherrill Drive into RCP is a nightmare for those going uphill from the Park, and NPS has not included a side-path or a climbing lane along with any of its plans to repave Beach Drive. So car-centric it is and ever will be for the upper part of RCP, except on weekends.

Crickey, I think DC is paying for all of it (because they have more money, but they may only be paying for part) but the project is being managed in part by NPS/FHWA and in part by DDOT.


Looks like lots of nice plans and I'm glad there's money, but [Insert cynical comment here]

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