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Looks like DDOT is still very confused about bus boarding islands. DDOT is in the process on installing bus islands on 14th St NW, for a project that does not have a protected bike lanes, but DDOT doesn't even seem to be considering them for this Penn Ave SE project, which specifically is about protected bike lanes. On M St NW, they built one, but smashed it into the space of a the bike lane buffer, to make sure that buses would never slow down any of the 3 lanes of moving traffic there.

Sometimes I can't tell if the folks at DDOT are just hapless or purposely bad.

Do we have any updates on this study? I live on Pennsylvania Ave SE in Hill East and a neighbor mentioned DC might be putting up no parking signs today. I love the idea of bicycle lanes on Penn Ave SE but only if they are separated from traffic as much as possible - otherwise. without enforcement, you'll have commuters cutting through the lanes to bypass traffic.

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