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One of the reasons that you have not heard of the Taylor trail is because it is a LOUSY trail for cyclist traffic. It is right next to an elementary school, it is heavily used by children and by people walking dogs. Just like cyclists thing it is not wonderful to take small children and dogs on the WOD and Custis - it is not wonderful to take cyclist traffic on a trail that is local and filled with conflicting traffic. Taylor and Donaldson are wonderful trails. But they are wonderful for non bike traffic. Bike traffic already wonderfully flows through that area on the military road lanes and the hills. Cyclists going through Taylor would be a recipe for some serious accidents.

As Doda says, the ZT trail is not suitable for any sort of cycling traffic except maybe the occasional, careful rider cutting through, and the streets would still be the better option. It's rutted in places toward the bottom because it's not paved, and it's steep, bumpy, and curvy at the top where it is paved. We walk the dog here all the time and rarely see cyclists, and even though I've lived near it for 20+ years I think I've only ever biked on it once, on a mountain bike in the snow. In my opinion, it's a mistake by the county to even have bike route signs up and call it a multi-use/bike trail, and I think it must only have been done to pad the numbers.

Well ZTT lovers, it looks like the County plans to make it into a major trail on par with Custis, MVT and FMR. Hold onto your dogs.

I can see the apocalypse.

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