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Nah - that's not how it works in Bethesda. Developers put stuff in their plans, but nobody holds them accountable. Likely, they'll point to some existing bike lanes half a mile away and claim that as their contribution. (I'm not even joking.)

Edgemoor is pretty low speed, low volume. They have PBLs on Woodmont further down. It would be nice to connect them, although (1) they're not well designed, and (2) there is zero enforcement of drivers sitting in them, parking in them, whatever, and as a result they are totally useless.

The main benefit, as I see it, would be the ability to ride north on that one-way section of Woodmont, saving a detour to Arlington or Wisc Ave. The lanes further south, which are simply lines encouraging cyclists to ride in the door zones of a very active parking area--not just useless, but patently unsafe.

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