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That is great. Too bad the dedicated cycle track next to the Wharf on Maine Ave is paved in a substandard way. Between the rough top coat and the undulating surface it is a poor route. It is borderline usable. Should be re done.

Handicap sign at top of new stairs points the wrong way, to the ramp across the bridge to East Potomac Park. It should point the other way, down and around the paths to Maine Ave SW at the bottom of the steps. The bridge's bike path is NOT the handicap route to the bottom of the steps.

Stenciled bicycle signs on the Maine Ave SW bike path from October 2017 have worn away and are almost invisible now. Pedestrians hang out on the path because they don't see any stenciled bicycle signs on the blacktop. This is dangerous.

We've gone this way to the DC United games. The improvements are good. The bike lane on Banneker Circle attracts all the gravels, but luckily there's usually not much traffic so you can go into the lane. We usually end up just taking Maine rather than the bike lane since it's (1) full o' pedestrians and (b) ends just a few blocks up so you have to take Maine there anyway. Still, the new curb cuts at Banneker alone are worth the price of entry.

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